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Law department is one of the department in Karnataka Government Secretariat.  The Principal Secretary is ia head of the department. The administrative matters of the following field departments are handled in the Law Department 

  1. Registrar General, High Court of Karnataka
  2. Advocate General, Karnataka High COurt Building, Bengaluru .
  3. Karnataka Judicial Academy, Bengaluru.
  4. Karnataka State Legal Services Authority, Bengaluru.
  5. Karnataka Law and Parlimentary Reform Organisation, Bengaluru
  6. Karnataka Law University, Hubballi.
  7. Vijnaneshwara Government Law College, Marthuru.
  8. Karnataka Law Commission, Bengaluru.
  9. Karnataka Human Rights Commission, Bengaluru.


Advocate General Office

The principal activity of the office of the Advocate General is to file and conduct cases pertaining to the State Government before the Supreme Court, Karnataka High Court and Karnataka Administrative Tribunal and Central Administrative Tribunal where the State of Karnataka is a party to the case.

The Advocate General is the Head of this office. He is principal Legal Advisor to the Government. The State being the biggest litigant before the High Court and a party before the Supreme Court, KAT and CAT, to assist the Advocate General a team of Law Officers comprising of the Government Advocate (1), Additional Government Advocates (18), State Public Prosecutor (1), Additional State Public Prosecutors (3) and High Court Government Pleaders (33) have been appointed by the Government to look after the litigation work. Now there are in all 58 Law Officers including the Advocate General. The Government has recently appointed an Additional Advocate General at New Delhi. All the Law Officers work under the guidance and supervision of the Advocate General and they are accountable to the Advocate General and the Government. The administration in the Office of the Advocate General is looked after by administrative officer who is assisted by two Assistant Administrative Officers (one at main office and other at KAT unit), and 10 Section Officers and 1 Audit Officer. The Administrative Officer is authorized to sanction the remuneration bills of the Law Officers.


  Karnataka Judicial Academy


The Karnataka Judicial Academy is the premier Training Academy established by Karnataka Government by its order dated May 28, 1999 with the avowed objective of imparting training to judicial officers of the State Government, particularly new recruits, besides conducting refresher courses to in-service judicial officers and also go give training to officers of the State Government connected with the Administration of Justice like Police Officers, Public Prosecutors, Government Advocates, Medical Officers etc.



Karnataka State Legal Services Authority


The erstwhile Karnataka Legal Aid Board was merged with the Karnataka State Legal Services Authority on 10.4.1997 under the National Legal Service Authority Act, 1987. The Karnataka State Legal Services Authority Rules, 1986 and Regulations, 1997 have been framed.

Free legal advice and aid is given to the people of all categories whose annual income is below Rs.25,000 and to Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, Women, Children, people of weaker Sections, people with unsound mind, victims of communal violence, religious atrocities, floods, famine, earthquake or industrial destructions, industrial workers, to those who are in remand homes, to those who are subjected to flesh trade and bondage, through the State and District Legal Services Authority and Taluk Legal Services Committees.

The main objectives of the Karnataka State Legal Services Authority are :

  1. To bring legal awareness among people;
    2. To provide free legal aid and advice to the eligible persons;
    3. To settle cases (Litigations) through People's Courts (Lok Adalats) thereby providing justice to the people speedily and with low





Karnatka institute for Law and Parlimentary Reforms (KIPAR) is a initiative of the State Government established in 2005 with the objective of bringing about reform of Law and Parlimentary Practices by undertaking periodical review of State Laws and to suggest corrections upon reference by the Government. It is also open to KILPAR to suggest new laws required for social administration. 


KILPAR is set up in persuance of the policy and Action Plan for the Law Department  drawn up in the year 2005 which has recieved approval of the State Cabint on 03-03-2005.  Due to formation of Karnataka Law University & Karnataka Legal Authority in the functions of KILPAR mainly concentrating to bring about public awareness about Law and Parlimentary matters.


Karnataka State Law University, Hubballi

The Government of Karnataka with a desire to make the study and research in law more systematic, society oriented and to inculate among citizens a sense of concer for the law and the institutions of state, has established Karnataka State Law University through the Karnataka State Law Univeisty Act, 2009. From the inception the university is striving to provide quality legal education which is professionally comtent and socially relevant.  It is endeavouring to promote the culture of law and justice in the institutions of State, No-Governent oganisations and every individual through various programmes.





Karnataka state human rights commission is a statutory body established in the year 2007, under section 21 & 22 of the Human Rights Protection Act o 1993.  Karnataka State Human Rights Commission is taking necessary action to provide protection/assistance with regard to violation of Human Rghts cases in the State of Karnataka. The Commission is having its Headquarters at Bengaluru. 


Karnataka State Human Rights Commission is functioning with the following objectives;

  1. Creating awareness among the general public regarding prevention and protection against violation of Human Rights.
  2. Extending suitable suggestions for better administration.
  3. Lending helping hand wherever advice is sought for by the concerned departments.
  4. Extending legal assistance to the affected/aggrieved free of cost.
  5. Bringing suitable reforms in the general administration so as to help the general public. 




 As per the Notification No.LAW/26/KLM/2014, Dated: 26-06-2014, former Chief Justice of Chattisgarh High COurt and former Chairman of Human Rights Commission was appointed as Chairman of Law Commission of Karnataka.  The Commission Consisting of Chairman, Member,





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