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LAW-LAM/54/2022 20.05.2022 appointment of a nodal officer for urgent settlement of public grievance requests on the IPGRS / CPGRAMS / e-Generation portal Kannada Department   view
LAW-LAM/53/2022 20.05.2022 Appointment of Nodal Officer by Law Department on Central Government Consumer Protection (Direct Sale) Rules -2021 Kannada Department   view
LAW-elffesi/44/2022(p10 05.05.2022  appointment of a nodal officer for the process of obtaining the E-sindhutva  Certificate in the  Seva Sindhu portal Kannada Department   view
LAW-LAC/43/2022 28.04.2022 The resignation tendered by Smt.Asma Kouser , to the Post of Civil Judge, Presently Working as XII Addl. Civul Judge and JMFC, Mysuru has been accepted with immediate effect. English Department   view
  LAW-LCE/62/2022 11.04.2022  

Amends the nomenclature of the Court of Addl. District and Sessions Judge, FTSC-II Chikkamagaluru as Addl. District and Sessions Judge, FTSC-I, Chamarajanagar (Special Court for trail of rape cases along with POSCO Act Cases) and Addl. District and Sessions Judge, FTSC-II, Udupi as Addl. District and Sessions Judge, FTSC-I, Davanagere (Special Court for trail of rape cases along with POSCO Act cases).

English  Department    view
 LAW-LCE/52/2021 14.02.2022 Establishment of Special Court for trial of cases filed under KPIDFE Act 2OO4 n Bengaluru.  English Department   View
LAW-LAM/13/2022 27.01.2022 Nodal officer for CCMS. kannada Department   View
  LAW-LCE/144/2021(HCC 35/2021   17.09.2021 THE KARNATAKA RULES ON LIVE-STREAMING AND RECORDING OF COURT PROCEEDINGS 2021  English  Department   View 
 LAW-LCE/145/2021(HCC 60/2021  31.12.2021 THE KARNATAKA ELECTRONIC FILING (E-FILING) RULES, 2021 English Department   View
 LAW-LCE/114/2021 30.11.2021 Conferring the powers to the court of LXXXI Addl. City Civil and Sessions Judge, Bengaluru (Special Court exclusively to deal with criminal cases pending against elected MPs/MLAs in the State of Karnataka)-reg English Department   view
 LAW-LAM/217/2021 19.11.2021 Regarding appointment of nodal officer for the preparation of the Economic Survey, 2021-22. Kannada Department    view
LAW-LCE/127/2021 18.11.2021 designates the court of I addl, District and session judge, Mandya to try and adjudicate the industrial disputes, as specified in schedule II of the industrial disputes Act, 1947  English Department   view
LAW-LAM/203/2021 11.10.2021 Regarding appointment of Nodal officers for CM Dashboard and the Training Programmes. kannada Department   View
LAW-LCE/5/2020 10.11.2021 Newly Established dedicated commercial court at bangaluru rural district vide government order no.LAW the cases filed under the commercial courts Act, 2015, as XI addl, District and sessioj judge, bengaluru rural district. English Department   view
LAW-LCE/52/2021 09.11.2021 Special Court for trial of cases filed under KPIDFE Act 2OO4 n Bengaluru.  English Department   view
LAW-LCE/130/2021 28.10.2021 Inclusion of the 10 villages of Mudhol taluk to the jurisdiction of the courts of Banahatti taluk - Reg.  English Department   view
LAW-LCE/129/2021 28.10.2021 To empower the Courts of JMFC-VIII and JMFC-IX, Mangaluru to deal with the cases filed under Section 138 of N.I. Act from the stage of receiving the complaints along with JMFC (V Court), Mangaluru and other criminal cases - Reg   English Department   view
LAW-LCE/128/2021 28.10.2021 re-designate 2 Civil Judge Courts and 3 JMFC Courts in Davanagere - Reg. English Department   View
LAW-LAC/32/2020 01.10.2021 establishment of Senior Civil Judge and JMFC. Courts, Manvi Taluk of Raichur District.   English Department   View
LAW-LCE/100/2021  17.09.2021 designate the I addl. Senior Civil Judge, Vijayapura, as the Principal Magistrate of the Principal Juvenile Justice Board of Vijayapura Unit, as per Sec.4 (2)of the Juvenile Justice (Care & Protection of Children) Act. 2015 and Rule 4 of Juvenile Justive Model rules,2016 English Deparyment   view
LAW-LAM/142/2021 26.08.2021 On the appointment of a departmental nodal officer for the My Gov Karnataka project. kannada Department   View
LAW-LAM/140/2021 23.08.2021 Formation of Committees for Inviting Tender, Reviewing Tender and Approving Tender for Installation of High Security Registration Plates for Vehicles in the State of Karnataka. kannada Department   View
LAW-LAM/115/2021 30.07.2021 Incharge the Under Secretary to Government, Law Department (Adm-1). kannada Department   view
LAW-LCE/76/2021 27.07.2021 Appoints the I Addl, District and Sessions judge Shivamogga, to be the Special Judge for trial of Cases files under prevention of Curroption Act. English Department   view
LAW-LCE/78/2021 27.07.2021 Concurance the High Court of Karnataka here by designate the existing additional District Judged in the State and to aurhorize them to deal with the cases of the damage to public property of respective district. English Department   view
LAW-LAC/60/2021 26.07.2021 Appoint the Civil Judges in the Karnataka Judicial Services. English Department   view
LAW-LAM/127/2020 16.07.2021 About the appointment of a Coordinator for matters relating to the Bangalore Mysore Infrastructure Corridor Project (BMICP). Kannada Department   view
LAW-LCE/71/2021 14.07.2021 Merge the courts of I civil Judge & JmFC., Mysuru & II Civil Judge & JMFC., Mysruru English Department   view
LAW-LCE/52/2021 10.06.2021 Assumes charge of the post, the court of XCI Addl. City Civil & Sessions judge, Bengaluru as Special Court for trial of cases filed under KPIDFE Act 2004. English Department   view
LAW-LCE/167/2020 23.04.2021 KIGLIMS and AGOMS Kannada Department   view
LAW-LCE/35/2021 09.04.2021 Convert the court of of :XLII Addl.Chief Metropolitan Magistrate bengaluru established as Special court in bengaluru city for trial of cases filed against MPs/MlAs triable by Magistrate in the state of karnataka. English  Department    view 
LAW/LAM/69/2021 08.04.2021 Appointment of Nodal Officer to implement the Action Points in Ease of Doing Business Kannada Department   view
LAW/LAM/48/2021 06/08/04.2021 To appoint a Nodal Officer to the Legal Department to discuss / consult on activities related to e-Procurement 2.0. Kannada Department   view
LAW166 LAC 2015 06.03.2021 Karnataka Subordinate Courts (Ministerial and Other Posts) (Recruitment) (Amendment) Rules,2021. English Department   view
LAW/LAM/40/2021 03.03.2021 settlement of public grievance requests on the CPGRAMS / Issue portal. kannada Department   view
LAW/LAM/158/2020 20.02.2021 Karnataka State Dispute Resolution Policy-2021 English Department   view
LAW-LAM/35/2021 06.02.2021 About the appointment of a nodal officer for the RTI Online portal. kannada Department   view
LAW-LAC/16/2021 06.02.2021 Forwardal of resignation letter submitted by Smt. Rahat Afshan H.N. VI Addl. Senior Civil Judge, Bengaluru Rural District, Bengaluru-reg English Department   View
LAW-LAC/17/2021 06.02.2021 Discharge of Sri . Mallikarjuna R. Madawala , Civil Judge from Judicial service - reg .  English Department    view
LAW-LCE/169/2020  30.01.2021 Designation of the court of II Addl. District and Session Judge, Kalaburagi as special court to try the cases filed under SC & ST (Prevention of Atrocities) Act 1989 - reg. Kannada  Department    view
LAW-LCE/166/2020  27.01.2021 the Karnataka Court Fees and Suits Valuation (Amedndments)   Rules, 2020 - rag. Kannada  Department    view
LAW-LCE/148/2020  21.01.2021 Establishment of one more Special Court exclusively to deal with Criminal Cases related to elected MPs / MLAs in the State of Karnataka in Bengaluru. Kannada  Department    view
LAW-LAM/15/2020   13.01.2021 Regarding Judicial Officers incharge arrangments. Kannada  Department     view
LAW-LAM/198/2020 11.01.2020 About providing Nodal Officer Information to obtain VIPs / Officers / Duty Passes from Aero India -21 by Law Department.  Kannada Department   view
LAW-LAM/176/2020 05.01.2021  About to return  Mylaralinga, Dalaiath, Additional Secretary to Government - III Establishment, Law Department. Kannada Department   view
LAW-LAM/202/2020 31.12.2020 Shri K. E Manjunatha, Assistant, Establishment of Principal Secretary to Government Law Department,  promoted to the post of Senior Assistant is about to be releaving from the Law Department.  Kannada Department   view
LAW-LAM/194/2020 30.12.2020 Releaving. Smt. Jayasudha D,  from the duty of Section Officer, Admin-1 Law Department.  Kannada Department   view
LAW-LAM/199/2020 21.12.2020 To make incharge arrangement to the post of Deputy Secretary to Government (Opinion-1) due to transferre of Shri Madhusudana D.K.  Kannada Department   view
LAW-LCE/48/2020 16.12.2020 Designation of Commercial Courts – reg. Kannada Department   view
LAW-LCE/48/2019 16.12.2020 Designation of   Presiding officer, 5th Addl. District and Sessions Judge Dharwad(Sit at Hubli) to try the Arbitration Cases and Litigation Cases with the Jurisdiction of Hubli and Kundagol - Reg.  Kannada Department   view
LAW-LCE/163/2020 16.12.2020 Designation of the court of II Addl. District and Sessions Judge, Bidar, sitting at Basavakalyan as special court to try the cases filed under section 14(l)(2) of SC/ST (Prevention of Atrocities) Act 1989 and also as Special Court to try the cases filed under POCSO Cases. Mines and Minerals Cases, NDPS Cases and Essential Commodities Cases - reg.            Kannada Department   view
LAW 110 LAD 2019 09.12.2020 Karnataka State Legal Services Authorities (Amendment) Rules,2020 English Department   view
LAW-LCE/170/2020 25.11.2020 On the performance of the Direct Cash Transfer System and the appointment of a Nodal Officer for IT Audit on Core DBT Audit.  Kannada Department   view
LAW-LCE/161/2020 25.11.2020 About appointing law department officers to prepare questionnaires for departmental examinations.  Kannada Department   view
LAW-LCE/149/2020 23.11.2020 Issuance of  Notification Constituting Juvenile Justice Boards. English Department   view
LAW-LAM/151/2020 20.11.2020 Incharge arrangements  of the heads of the legal cells. Kannada Department   view
LAW-LCE/112/2020 13.11.2020  Assigning Judicial officers on Major Internship Projects -reg. Kannada Department   view
LAW-LCE/137/2020 13.11.2020 Re-designates the "Special Court (XXXVl Additional City Civil and Sessions Judge, Bengaluru City) for trial of criminal case No. Spl. CC.No.208/2004, against kum. Jayalalitha"- reg. English Department   view
LAW-LCE/73/2019 02.11.2020 By changing the nomenclature of the 7 Exclusive Dedicated Commcrcial Court - reg. English Department   view
LAW-LCE/112/2018 02.11.2020 Designates the Court of 81st Additional City Civil and Sessions Judge, Bengaluru City as a Special Court to try the cases filed against elected MLAs / MPs by the Special Investigation Team (SIT) - reg English Department   View
LAW-LAM/159/2020 29.10.2020 Assigning A & B Group officers of the Law Department to an online training program called "Office Management"-reg. Kannada Department   view
LAW-LAM/151/2020 14.10.2020 Incharge arrangements  of the heads of the legal cells. Kannada Department   view
LAW-LAM/149/2020 07.10.2020 Permission to attend "One week Continuing  Education Programme" to Senior Civil Judges at Karnataka Judicial Academy,Bangaluru. Kannada Department   view
LAW-LAM/100/2020 29.07.2020 Placing incharge of Sri Jagadishwara M, ALS-1 to the post of ALS-ISDW.  Kannada Department   View
LAW-LAC/58/2020 17.07.2020 Appointment of 12 Civi judges the year  2020 English Department   view
LAW-LCE/82/2020 25.06.2020 Appointment of Under Secretary to Government (Admin-1), Law Department as a Nodal Officer regarding Tele Law. English Department   View
LAW-LAM/78/2020 24/25.06.2020 Placing incharge of Sri Padma Prasad, DS (Opinion 3 & 4) to the post of DS (Opinion-1) Kannada Department   View
LAW-LCE/92/2020 05.06.2020 Nomenclature of the Metropolitan Magistrate Mobile Traffic court in Bengaluru City as Metropolitan Magistrate Virtual Court, Bengaluru City - reg English Department   View
LAW-LAC/99/2019 03.03.2020 31 Fast Track Special Courts  created vide government  offences filed POCSO Act/Rape Cases along with POCSO Act cases. English Department   view
LAW/LCE/149/2020 20.02.2020 Issuance of Notification constituting Juvenile Justice Boards. English Department   View
LAW-LAM/02/2020 08.01.2020 Appointment of Nodal Officer regarding Study-visit of the Department-related Parliamentary Standing Committee on Personnel, Public Grievances, Law and Justice to Hyderabad, Bengaluru and Mumbai from 15th to 18th January, 2020. English Department   View
LAW-LAM/126/2019 24.12.2019 Appointment of Nodal Officer regarding Children Budget of the Department  Kannada Department   View
LAW/LCE/13/2019 09.12.2019 About appointing the President to the Balanayya Boards. English Department   View
LAW/LCE/47/2019 04.11.2019 Regulation of Special Court to handle cases registered under Mandela District Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe (Prevention of Atrocities) Act.1989. Kannada Department   view
LAW-LCE/4/2019 25.10.2019 Designation of Special Court to trying the offences filed Section 8 of the Banning of Inregulated Deposit Schemes Ordinance - 2019. English Department   View
LAW- 84 LCE 2018 25.10.2019 Regarding the setting of courts for cases registered under The Specific Relief Act, 1963. English Department   view
LAW/LCE/59/2019 22.10.2019 Permission to Shri Neelappa Ningappa Yalavatti, Senior Civil Judge, to retire volunterily in accordance with Rule 285(1) of KCSR. Kannada Department   View
LAW-LAM/81/2019 21.10.2019 Placing inchange of Sri. G. L. Lakshiminarayana, ALS-1 to the vacant post of ALS-ISWD. Kannada Department   View
LAW-LAM/87/2019 15.10.2019 Posting of Sri Shafi Ahmed, Senioor Assistant to the Section of ISWD. Kannada Department   View
LAW/LCE/48/2019 09.10.2019 Re-designation of District Judges trying the cases of Arbitration Cases as Presiding officer of Commercial Court of the District. English Department   View
LAW-LAM/80/2019 19.09.2019 Placing incharge of Smt. N. Radha, Under Secretary to Government (HR) to the vacant post of Deputy Secretary to Government (ISWD & HR)  Kannada Department   View
LAW-LAM/68/2019 19.09.2019 Posting of Sri Virupakshachari M.N. Dalayath in the vacant post of Law Department Deputy Secretary to Government (Opinion-2) establishment. Kannada Department   View
LAW 34 LCE 2019 05.09.2019 Designation of Court to trying the offences filed under Section 84 of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act - 2016. Kannada Department   View
LAW/LAC/27/2019 31.08.2019 Recruitment to 15 posts of Civil Judges as per the Karnataka Judicial Service (Recruitment) Rules 2004, & Amendment Rules, 2011, 2015 and 2016 - reg. English Department   View
LAW-LAM/43/2019 19/30.08.2019 Placing incharge of Sri  Ashok K. L., Assistatnt, (Lit-6) to the vacant post Assistant (Lit-6)  Kannada Department   View
LAW-LAM/64/2019 26.08.2019 Inter-change of Law Department Section Officers. Kannada Department   View
LAW/LAM/32/2019 25.07.2019 Placing incharge of Sri. Sridhar Assistant, Admin-1 to the vacant post of Assistant, Litigation-7. Kannada Department   View
LAW 48 LCE 2019 23.07.20109 Re-designation of Addl. District Sessions Court, Udupi (Sitting at Kundapura) as Special Court. Kannada Department   View
LAW 8 LCE 2019 15.06.2019 Creation and up gradation of various posts on the Establishment of High Court of Karnataka-reg English Department   View
LAW/LAM/15/2019 31.05.2019 Placing incharge of Sri  D. Dhananjaya, Section Office (Admin-1), to the vacant post of Under Secretary (Admin-1) Kannada Department   View
LAW 06 LCE 2016 17.05.2019  The Central Criminal Investigation Branch (Bangalore) has ordered the 51st City Civil and Situation Court in Bangalore City and the 28th Additional Metropolitan Magistrate's Court in Bangalore to designate these courts as special courts.  Kannada Department    view 
Official Memorandum No. LAW 43 LAM 2019 29.05.2019

Appointment of Content Creator, Verifier, Approver for the purspose of Web Portal of Law Department.

Kannada Department   View
LAW 21 LCE 2019 16.03.2019

Designation of the I Addl. District and Sessions Judge, Bagalkot, sitting at Jamakhandi as presiding Officer of Land Acquistion, Rehabiliation and Resettlement Authority for disposal of the cases coming within the revenue jurisdiction of Jamakhandi.

English Department   View
LAW 12 LAM 2019 07.03.2019

Incharge arrangement to Finance & Labour Department (Legal Cell)

Kannada Department   View
LAW 184 LAC 2016 29.05.2019

Application of Sri.manjunath, newly recruited civil judge-2016 batch for change of name.

English Department   View
LAW 302 LAC 2018 29.05.2019

Application of Smt. H. Swetha, Civil Judge and JMFC, Banhatti for change of name.

English Department   View
LAW LAM 04 2019


Incharge of the Shri Murali Mohan Reddy, Assistant Trustee and Subordinate Secretary to the Government (Act-6) on the transfer of Mrs. Rashmi and the Deputy Secretary- to the Government to the vacant post.

Kannada Department   view
LAW/4095/Admin-1/2019 04.05.2019

Granting Committed Leave to Smt. Rashmi, Solicitor & Ex-officio Deputy Secretary, Law Department for the period from 02.05.2019 to 08.05.2019.

Kannada Department   View
LAW 11 LAM 2019 06.02.2019

Placing incharge of Sri  R. P. Nandisha, HLC to the vacant post by transfer of Smt. Yarmal Kalpana, HLC. 

Kannada Department   View
LAW 135 LCE 2014, LAW -LEC/138/2021 05.01.2019, 08.08.2017, 30.05.2016, 23.11.2021

To designate the jurisdiction of  Senior Civil Judge and a JMFC Court in Nawalgunda in Dharwad district, Somavarpet in Kodagu district, Mulabagilu in Kolar district, Devadurga in Raichur district and Hosa Nagara in  Shimoga district.

English Department   View


LAW 35 LCE 2018 31.07.2018

Establish the commercial courts mentioned in the commercial disputes having jurisidication over the Districts with effect of the date presiding officers assume charge of the courts.

English Department   view
LAW 68 LCE 2016 03.07.2018

Designate the following courts as the special courts to to try the cases filed under the minerals Act 1957, Falling within the local limits of the entire revenue taluks of the said courts.

English Department   view
LAW 76 LCE 2017 29.05.2018

Designation II Additional District and sessions court, Kodagu Madikeri to be the special court to try the cases in virajpet taluk juridiction only insted of Prl.district and sessions judge, kodagu-madikeri.

English Department   view
LAW 74 LCE 2017 24.05.2018

Designation of the IV Addl. District and sessions Judge, Hassan sittin at Channarayapatna to be the Special Court to try the cases filed within the jurisdiction of Channarayapatna Taluk, HassanDistrict insted of principal District and sessions judge, Hassan.

English Department   view
LAW 92 LCE 2017 22.05.2018

Designation of the Additional District and sessions court, Gadag to be the special court insted of Prl, District and sessions judge, Gadag/District and sessions judge, Gadag.

English Department   view
LAW 25 LAM 2018 09.03.2018 To designate the officers of the Law Department as Assistant Public Information Officer, Public Information Officer and First Appellate Authority. Kannada Department   view
LAW 211 LAM 2017 17.01.2018 About allocation of work to case workers in the Law Department Admin - 1 Section.  Kannada Department    view 


LAW 39 LCE 2016 21.09.2017

Designate the following courts as commercial courts in their respective jurisdiction of the District mentioned in the column against the court.

English Department   view
LAW 44 LCE 2017 24.08.2017

Shifting the Court of addl, Senior Civil Judge & JMFC Chikkodi to nippani, and Fixes Local limits of the jurisdiction -reg

English Department   view
LAW 43 LCE 2017 18.08.2017

Shifting of the court of IV Additional District and sessions judge, Kalaburgi to sedam fixes the local limit of the jurisdiction-reg.

English Department   view
LAW 179 LAC 2016 10.04.2017

Recruitment to 63 posts of Civil Judges as per the Karnataka Judicial Service (Recruitment) Rules 2004, & Amendment Rules, 2011 and 2015 - reg.

English Department   View


LAW 137 LCE 2014 24.12.2016

The Court of Senior Civil Judge & JmFc Fixes the local limits of the Revenue taluk of Narasimharajapura in Chikkamagaluru  jurisdiction-reg.

English Department   view
LAW 121 LAM 2016 12.07.2016 Notification under Sec 5(1) of RTI Act. English  Department     view
LAW 18 LCE 2016 17.03.2016

The Powers conferred buy submissions (1) and (2) of Section 30B of the Mines and minerals (Development and reguolation)Acr, 157 (Central Act 67 of 1957).

Engilish Department    view


LAW 162 LCE 2019 10.08.2015

The powers of conferred under Section 7 of the Karnataka Land Grabbing Prohibition Act,2011,the Government are pleased a Special Court in the State - reg.

English Department   view 
LAW 147 LCE 2013 04.03.2015

Establishment of Civil Judges and JMFC at  Kittur in Belgaum District. 

English Department   View


DCA 12 ARB 2014 21.10.2014 Proposed to change the title of the Department of Law, Justice and Human rights as Law Department, as per Government of Karnataka (Allocation of Business) (Amendment) Rules, 2014 - Regarding . kannada  Department    view 
LAW 277 LCE 2013 07.05.2021 Local Limits of the Jurisiction of the court of V Addl District and Sessions judge, Tumkur (to sit tiptur) to be the area within the local limits of the entire revenue taluks of Tiptur Chikkanayakanahalli and turuvekere in tumkur District. English Department  




LAW 149 LCE 2012 24.10.2013 Appointment of Sri.G.Bhavani Singh, Advocate as Special Piblic Prosecutor to conduct sepecial C.C.No.208/2004 (In the Case of Kum.Jatalalitha and others) on the file of XXXVIth Additional City civil  & Session court  (Special Court)Bengaluru. English Department   view
LAW 92 LAG 2013 (P) 19.10.2013 Appointment of Attorneys-2013 kannada Department   view
 LAW 149 LCE 2012 16.06.2013 Appointment of Sri.G.Bhavani Singh, Advocate in case of kumari jayalalitha and others.  English Department   view


LAW 55 LAM 2012 15.03.2012

Notification under Sec 5(1) of RTI Act.

English Department   view


LAW 67 LAC 2007 07.01.2010

The Karnataka Judicial officers (Medical Attendance)Rules,2009.

English Department   view


LAW 134 LAC 2008 30.09.2008

Appointment of civil judge (Junior Division)-2008

English Department   view
LAW 1 LAC 2005 13.02.2008

The Karnataka Sub-ordinate Courts (Ministerial and other posts) (Recruitment)(Amendment)Rules,2007 publication in the Karnataka Gazette-reg.

English Department   View


LAW 71 LCE 2006 16.08.2006

varies the local limits of the jurisdiction of the civil judge and JMFC Chikkaballapur by Including the villages specified below and excluding siad villages from the jurisdiction of Civil judge and JMFC Gudibanda.

English Department   view


LAW 27 LAD 2002


Subject wise Staff distrubution of Law Department (admin-2) Kannada Department   view
LAW 66 LAC 2002 20.03.2002

Government of karnataka appoint the judicial officer.

English Department   view


LAW 225 LAC 1998 06.07.1999

Recruitment to69 posts of Civil Judges as per the Karnataka Judicial Service (Recruitment) Rules 1983 - reg.

English Department   view

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